Gaming, Wrestling, and media of all kinds; Push Start Media does it all. When you say the words, “self made media entrepreneur”, host C-HAM (aka Christian Hamm) of the Push Start Media Network is at the forefront, where he runs not only a Podcast as well as a Twitch Channel, but hosts an entire network of other affiliates that talk about anything from Anime, to Music, to Wrestling, and more. The Push Start Media Twitch channel has bloomed into a strong presence of followers where they do interesting and current gaming content as well as retro, and especially video game wrestling match commentary where YOU can be programmed into the wrestling matches as a character and battle for the belt! Every listener is family, and the community is strong and interactive. If you are a cosplayer, game designer, or other personality, come and get interviewed LIVE on stream! Come say hi at the Push Start Media booth, and be with like minds and grow with a friendly strong community of fun, gaming, and much more!