At LIL-CON we boast about our expansive array of gaming of all kinds.

We have a Board Game Ballroom where players can sink their teeth into games of all kinds. Whether it be tabletop games, Role Playing Games, Trading Card Games, Miniatures/War Games, and more, we have gaming for you to enjoy. We also have other areas of the festival where players can plunk down and play as well!

Our board game library has over 1000+ games in our immense gaming library and they are 100% free to play! Grab a game, grab some friends, and get playing.

You also can definitely bring in your own games to the event to play with your friends or gaming group.

Looking for players? No problem! We have “indicator flags” for those looking for players for games can use.


Come hang out at our video game area where we have the biggest video game library of video games on original hardware. From consoles of Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, XBOX, and some other obscure consoles, there is a lot to enjoy!

There will be video games of every kind to experience and play with friends! Platformers, Beat Em Ups, Fighting Games, and other cool multiplayer experiences for all!

Tons of gaming tournaments as well as the return of the epic community content fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N. so everyone can battle!