Come all ye monster tamers! At LIL-CON 7, we have a wonderful wildlife exhibit like none other! Come out and meet wonderful animals from around the globe, hosted by the Reptile Educator’s Alliance’s Brittany Kay of HOPEducation, and educators/workings with Catskill Turtle and Corvid Wildlife Center.

REA (Reptile Educator’s Alliance) is an organization that works side by side with fellow educators in  New York State providing captive reptile and wildlife conservation outreach to the public at a variety of events.

These wonderful and majestic animals will be hanging out both days. Gotta meet em all, and meet some awesome people helping to preserve them.

EVENT HOST: Britany Kay
EVENT LOCATION: 2nd Floor at the top of the stair from the lobby
EVENT DURATION: About 8 hours per day – DAY 1 starting at Noon, DAY 2 starting at 10AM