LEVEL UP! (PART 1 of the Game Design Panel)


Whether it be exploring mystical lands, duking it out head to head in an over the top fighting fiasco, or solving puzzles in a race against time and space, video games have become one of the biggest sources of fun and play in the world. But how do you design an idea and put it to the screen? Level Up is the first half of an informative game design panel in which game designer Mark Miller of Ichiban Games and Phil Lowerey of Lucid Wolf Studios dive head first and show you all about game design. See the ins and outs of all positions of video gaming, as well as where you can get free tools to even start on game ideas of your own. At the end of the panel there will be even more interaction as you will be able to have a cool brainstorming session in a game jam styled fashion. Weather you’re an artist, a programmer, writer, voice actor, or just an enthusiast looking to get into the world of video gaming, this panel is for you!

Date: DAY 2 – SUNDAY November 19, 2023
Time: 12:00 NOON
Location: The Event Room
Game Host: Mark Miller