Hugh is a well known patron in the Buffalo NY gaming and convention scene for a long time running. Not only is he a gamer but he is an author of an awesome caliber. He has a great book that you can check out The Mountain’s Shadows And Other Short Stories which has a lot to offer.

Hugh will be doing a book signing at the signing table in the front hall at the following times and dates:
Sat Nov 18 at 6:30 PM, 2023
Sun Nov 19 at 3:00 PM, 2023

Plus Hugh will be doing the “Writers Block” Panel at 4:00 PM on Saturday


The Mountain’s Shadows And Other Short Stories

Everybody’s got a story. Which one’s yours? This collection of over three hundred very short stories will take you to the heart of a magical forest, the depths of space, and everywhere in between! A ‘Drabble’ is a story exactly one-hundred words long. Each one’s the perfect length for a quick chuckle, a moment of quiet wonder, or a minute of spine-tingling terror. Since 2018, I’ve written a drabble every morning and posted them online. This collection comprises three-hundred of my favorites. So take a break and find your new favorite story to go along with that cup of coffee!