BEN SHERMAN – Special Guest Author

Ben Sherman is a new author from the Niagara Region on Western NY who has just recently released his book, Talons & Fangs. Ben is a strong fan of gaming and fantasy which comes into his writing; many will agree, even just from the cover, quality it apparent.

Ben will be doing a book signing at the signing table in the front hall at the following times and dates:
Sat Nov 18 at 5:30 PM, 2023
Sun Nov 19 at 4:00 PM, 2023

Plus Ben will be doing the “Writers Block” Panel at 4:00 PM on Saturday


Talons And Claws

In Talons and Claws, Nightingale Mooncrest is not what most day dwellers think of when imagining a gargoyle. They think of big, bad, rumbling, stone behemoths like her dad, but she has yet to earn her stones and become one of the mighty Mooncrest warriors. She dreams of leaving her forest and traveling beneath open skies and the blazing white eye of the sun to see other lands, so, of course, she’s gonna do her best to befriend the first day dwellers to plop down in her lap when they end up in her neck of the woods. She’s a big pup now. It can’t be that tough to show a harpy how to make it under the haunted boughs of Shadow’s Reach, right? Right?