1) No actual guns, and if you have some sort of nerf thing to look like whatever character has that weapon, please, no projectiles to be shot. There’s no nerf war anyways, so please, leave the projectiles at home.

2) Knives, swords, and other stabby and pokey weapons should only be able to cut butter for your toast, and poke soap bubbles. As always, great to show people, but the bluntest of objects can somehow be hellish. So yeah, safety first, and be careful.

3) Be careful of those around you and your surroundings. Don’t flail any weapons you have. Some things are for show, but we don’t want a wizard staff or barrel of a gun going into someone’s eye socket by accident, or damaging hotel property, so please, try not to wield them like you’re Conan.
You are responsible for your surroundings.

4) If you have a very wide, tall, or long cosplay, have someone to help you and/or guide you. Once again, you are responsible for your surroundings. Get someone who can help.

5) No trying to snipe the Con-director… yup LOL.