Guests & VIPs

We have some AWESOME guests at the LIL-CON 7. This year you will be having:

THE FIRST VIDEO GAME CONSOLE EVER – RALPH BAER’S “THE BROWN BOX” – The grand-daddy of all video game consoles, created by the most iconic person in video game history.

MICHAEL THOMASSON – Video game historian, Publisher, Programmer, Author, and Guinness Book of World Records Holder. Presenter of the Brown Box and much well known (and unknown) gaming industry knowledge.

MONSTER TAMER – Brittany Kay & Reptile Educator’s Alliance – Wonderful animals from around the globe, able to be seen and met live! Presented by host Brittany Kay & the Reptile Educator’s Alliance as well as Catskill Turtle and Corvid Wildlife Center. This exhibit is both days for about 8 hours each day, and is on the2nd floor of the hotel.

EMCEE M.D. – Nationally known Nerdcore hip hop musician with high energy impact, Mark Miller aka EMCEE M.D. delivers a super strong performance of music with songs about video games, superheroes, slices of life, and much more! Grab a dinosaur hat, and join in on the chaos!

RU (mynameisru) – A masterful DJ who has performed at conventions across the eastern US region. Performing a special set for all who want to party.

GLITCH: Video Game Band – An incredible musical trio of musicians ready to rock out, playing songs from video games such as Chrono Trigger, Earthworm Jim, Legend Of Zelda, Mega man, Mario Bros, and much much more!

PUSH START MEDIA – A fantastic Media Network of Podcasts and Twitch, with also multiple affiliates, let be the awesome C-HAM (aka Christian Hamm). They will be Broadcasting LIVE and interviewing many personalities all throughout LIL-CON.

JACK ATTACK DX – A retro game streamer with a LOT of heart. Playing known and unknown retro and current video games while cultivating a strong positive community.

BFYTW – “Because F**k You That’s Why!” is the British styled Game Show Podcast that pits teams of friends against each other in game show styled trivia and challenges of the hilarious and ways of the bizarre. Join in the game show LIVE on stream ad also in their epic Game Show event for prizes!

LOU PADUANO – Author of MANY books, Ben Sherman comes to LIL-CON with all his literary awesomeness for all to see. Check out his many book series.

HUGH J. O’DONNEL – Gamer author extraordinaire with a great book of stories. Ready to talk to the masses and be in his element of gaming and convention fun.

AARON RANDOLPH – A rising star with his first book able to be had, this new awesome author is ready to show his teeth in the industry. Board gaming, video gaming, and his love of sci-fi in his book says it all.

BEN SHERMAN – A new author ready to take on the world with his new book. A gamer at heart, and writing in his soul.

DAVID DANEIEL – David is an incredible artist that does works of high quality Fantasy and Sci-Fi , as well as artwork of pop culture.

WNY DEADPOOL – Stop by and chit chat with this super fun cosplayer for an opportunity with The Merc with The Mouth, spreading fun and chaos everywhere he goes!