Hey all this is the festival coordinator Mark Miller. I want to give everyone a massive thank you to everyone who came out to LIL-CON #7.

IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK AND ON TOP! We hit record numbers this year for attendance! It was truly an incredible time and without all your support, this couldn’t be done without you, our wonderful attendees! Since I have been in the business of event coordination, I have always wanted to try to provide the pinnacle of entertainment to everyone, and I see that in LIL-CON we are moving stronger than ever before. I am not fatigued as some con directors get, but I am more energetic than ever, as I look forward to LIL-CON 8 sometime in the future 🙂

We faced multiple adversities which many of you may know (or not know) but my amazing staff helped so much in this.

Please give thanks if you can to not me, but the staff in front and behind the scenes for their help.

Jason Gough our head of tabletop gaming was strongly on point for those in need of games and running tournaments. Kate Mattison our head of cosplay and event coordination who not only helps in panels and runs the cosplay contest, but also aids in the Pokeball hunt, creates the signage, and so much more for the convention. I want to give a very special thank you to Sara Zielinski (overseer of video game room) and Kayla Solari-Schwartz (head of registration) for coming down to the con in the face of some major adversity that normal staff members of any event would probably be unable to come down (which what a wonderful suprise to just see them there). They are a massive part of this convention and they deserve recognition for their contributions.

You may have seen some new faces at LIL-CON in which these people were my MVPs working prior, during, and after LIL-CON ended of MANY aspects. First Sarah Tompkins is an absolute must mention for her aid in not just cosplay and events, . but she helped create the trophies, T-shirts, aided in creating prize boxes as well as printing the Miniature figure for the mini’s painting contest, plus taking pictures and so many other aspects. Travis Cunningham who helped very much in set up and ran certain games, plus staffing for all needed things, as well as hosting events like Wanderhome and aiding in the Digimon Tournament. I massive big thanks to one of my all time best friends Tommy Hawk who did registration all day. making sure everyone was checked in, got promos and goodies, and was one of the most important people I could trust to do the job perfectly. Kayla would be very proud, and so am I. Last and absolutely the 100% best dude ever helping me in all rooms, especially set up, tear down, running booths, video game area, and all so many other things is Deryck Sen’no-p Seven who is on e of the hardest workers any convention could ever ask for.

I want to make sure some other people definitely get credit for amazing excelling in making this convention possible, which when you run a convention you need those who are the guardians of order. Tabetha Briggs for being the watchful eye at the event and Vendor rooms. Bob Henn as our night staff which maintained order of all things, while looking suave in his suit. Anthony Estrada for being at the board game post as well as video game area, and many other general areas of need, Rob Talada who majorly helped in all areas as strong back up in video game room and other positions. There are a few more names to mention (and some I am unable to tag but), Ben Homer, Tanya Homer, Kelly, and there are few extra people I can not remember their names due to being new people I just met, aided greatly.

Lastly some people who personally helped me in general of things I needed which was very needed. Rivers Bend for aiding in the Ichiban Games area, and Paul Mercer for helping strongly at the Ichiban Games studio booth.

Everyone should also check out Dare to Dream Graphics ran by Danielle Bevacqua who sponsored us with the flyers. Without their aid in flyer promotion we would have had less capability in drawing in people, because no promo = no word getting out.

A MASSIVE thank you to all those who ran games, events, panels, and contributed in entertainment for all, as well as the vendors who supplied very much to the prize boxes. Without out your support we would have minimal capabilities. Michael Thomasson and the Brown Box, Kelly Menzel, Kiki Wozniak, Aaron Randolph, Lou Paduano, Ben Sherman, Hugh O’Donnell, Redd Barker, Philip Lowrey, Matt C Niemiec, John Bachman, and a few other I’m unable to tag, thanks so much for your panels, and more. Jesse Gardner and Josh Sexton for the aid in card tournament judging.

There are probably people I’m forgetting in there and I just want to make sure all get credit.

All in all, I’m happy and unlike being fatigued, I am ready for LIL-CON 8! Not sure when it is or what plans are but the plan to be ready is where we are at!

Thanks everyone!



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