BFYTW is a podcast game show in a cheeky British style where teams of friends compete in trivia and challenges of pop culture in bizarre ways. This Podcast has been a favorite of the WNY region and has grown strong branching out to the world. The wonderful hosts will be live for very much of the convention in the Live Stream Lounge, where they will be bringing in patrons to ask cool trivia, but also they will be hosting their Gaming And Pop Culture Game Show in the Event room at NOON on Sunday. Come say hi and jump into the game show where you can win awesome prizes!

The BFYTW Pop Culture Game Show

The awesome hosts of the podcast BFYTW are hosting game show in the event room where guests are competing in trivia of pop culture in bizarre ways. There will be lots of prizes in this hilarious British inspired game show, which everything from video games to pop culture and more will put you on the chopping block. Get ready to have a blast!

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