Tournaments / Contests

Welcome to the tournament section of LIL-CON where you can see all the scheduled tournaments that are happening. All tournaments are FREE to enter UNLESS noted. Tournaments all have prizes for all different placings. Check out all the details of each tournament below.


Monster Melee is a Meta-Game (played while the convention is happening in general). You play as one of 5 monster species: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, and Alien. The last monster standing at the end gets a great prize! This is the coolest scratch off / Meta-game you’ll ever play. SIGN UP FOR MONSTER MELEE HERE!

(This tournament costs $ to enter)

For those who are fans of Magic The Gathering, we have a tournament for you! We are drafting Magic The Gathering’s Dominaria for the chance of 1st place who will be getting a FULL BOX OF DOMINARIA as well as the exclusive and very hard to get “FIRESNG AND SUNSPEAKER CARD”! The more who enter, the more prizes we have, as well as getting LIL-CON swag and more! this will be an awesome time! Entry is $15 if you already have a ticket ($20 if not which gets you your entry to the convention.). All players keep their cards, and also secure their spot in the tournament.

3 packs of Magic The Gathering Dominaria to Draft
Your tournament spot

Remember, you keep all the cards you draft

1) If you are unfamiliar with the drafting process, we can try to explain. Players will be seated into pods of numbers of players depending on how many players enter the tournament. The players will open 1 pack at a time, discarding the Token card and Land card. you will take 1 card and pass it to the left. You then are handed te player to your right’s cards, take a card, then pass to the left. This process will continue until you can not do any more. The next pack you will do this in the opposite direction (to the right), and then the final pack will be in the opposite of that (back to the left). Please be sure to pass and take player’s cards when the player next to you is done and ready , this will eliminate confusion.

2) Players will have 20 minutes to make their decks that they wish to use, we will provide the lands for you. Players must formulate their decks in the tournament area.

3) Rounds will go a maximum of 1 hour. once the timer hits zero, players still playing will go into “TURNS”, which they will have 5 turns each to win. if neither player wins, it is a draw.

4) We uphold the standard of having a good quality gaming experience for all, so we do stress that any kind of cheating will not be tolerated. Any player caught doing so will be disqualified from the tournament without a refund. Feel free to bring in your own card sleeves but please be sure they are all the same size. Be sure to not bump and kind of counters. Players can think but there will be no  stalling of a game. No outside cards used whatsoever.

5) If you have a question on a card, rule, or process of the game, we will be happy to help and assist you.

6) Above all, have fun. Enjoy yourself. It’s going to be an awesome time.


That’s right! The classic first person shooter that started it all! Go head to head with many gamers competing to be the best Bond. There’s lots of prizes plus first place takes home a lovely trophy! Get those thumbs ready and compete in this great competition at LIL-CON #5.


1) This will be a bracket elimination tournament where those who place win prizes. There will be be 4 players in the final round.

2) Stage select will be what players wither mutually agree on, or by random select.

3) No pausing during play

4) No special codes



This tournament is THE tournament for gamers spanning across multiple gaming systems of current and retro gaming, of games that can be anything from action platformers, to puzzle games, shoot ’em ups, and more! Test your skills against other players in High Score challenges, Speed Runs, Accuracy, Dexterity, Head -To-Head Battles, and much more! Every game is a mystery, but one thing is certain, there only can be one winner! Compete for prizes, a trophy and gaming glory!


1) This will be a bracket elimination tournament where those who place win prizes. There will be be 2 players in the final round.

2) Games are unknown and unveiled prior to the beginning of each round

3) No pausing during play

4) No special codes


ANIME GALLERY ART CONTEST – All Day long, judging ends at 9PM

This contest is for all you artists out there. Bring your art sketch pads, and all the utensils you can and participate in our animation gallery contest! We will hang up your artwork in the ANIME GALLERY and JUDGE a winner at the end of the day. PRIZES FOR THE WINNER! Manga style, Comic Book style, Cartoon, anime, video game, etc, all accepted. Original character artwork more than welcome 🙂 All art must be drawn on site. Register at the registration desk. Sharpen those pencils and get ready to compete for prizes!


1) All artwork must be made on site, and must be originally made from you.

2) You may use whatever kind of art supplies you wish if you bring them. If you have any kind of markers or paint, please make sure that you have something underneath what you are working on so that it does not bleed through. please make sure your work area for this is not where anyone can be disturbed and cleaned up easily.

3) The winner does not have to be present, but do know that is severely limits your choices of what to pick from in the prize pool. Plus, all art submissions you submit are your property, therefor we want to make sure you get these art pieces back in your possession.

4) All artwork will be hung inside the Anime Gallery.

5) You may submit more than one art piece.

6) Please make sure your art submission has a title and your name and contact number and email on it on either the front or back. This helps us keep track of whose work is whose.