We at LIL-CON want to keep things legit and safe for everyone. We have rules that we will be enforcing for the safety and enjoyment for all at our convention. If you can not follow the rules, you will be escorted off the premises and ejected from the convention with no refund. These rules will be strictly enforced.


1) RESPECT EVERYONE… Respect others attending the venue, the staff, security, the venue staff, and the venue itself.

2) Please be aware of others around you, and no horseplay

3) No running. This also includes activities such as The Pokeball Hunt. You can be fast, but we’re not going to have accidents happen

4) Lewd action and invasive/unwanted actions will NOT be tolerated. Keep your hands to yourself. plain and simple.

5) No trash talk or taunting while playing (and not playing) games or any kind of player shaming (such as deck shaming in Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.).

4) No fighting, No arguing and causing a scene. This is self explanatory.

5) Please refrain from talking any politics. We create an environment to escape and enjoy life away from the world’s conflicts. Politics we feel have lessened the community, in which we want everyone to enjoy themselves without concerns of such things, where people can just be people and relax and enjoy good things together.


1) Skimpy clothing is fine and dandy and there’s characters that are pretty unclothed, however no nudity.

2) No purposely offensive costumes. We accept many things, and never say we are the pinnacle of “family friendly”, but remember, there is a line that we do draw when it comes to offensive costumes (racist, homophobic, etc.). If you are unsure if your costume is in good guidelines, then please message the Con-director, Mark Miller


1) No actual guns, and if you have some sort of nerf thing to look like whatever character has that weapon, please, no projectiles to be shot. There’s no nerf war anyways, so please, projectiles at home

2) Knives, swords, and other stabby and pokey weapons should only be able to cut butter for your toast, and poke soap bubbles. As always, great to show people, but the bluntest of objects can somehow be hellish. So yeah, safety first, and be careful

3) Try not to flail them around. I know it’s for show, i don’t want a barrel of a gun going into someone’s eye socket by accident. So please, try not to wield them like you’re Conan.

4) No trying to snipe the Con-director… yup LOL.

Above all though, be respectful, have fun, and definitely make sure all of you who have awesome costumes, get awesome pictures of your accessory and your character.


We would suggest the best place for pictures would be near the tree in the frontal area to the right of the building (the right meaning if you were looking at the street from the establishment). Another good area would be if front of the bushes on the left side of the building. If it is raining, we try to have a designated spot for cosplay pictures, but wherever inside that works comfortably is great.