In 1966 Ralph Baer created the first ever video game console prototype known as THE BROWN BOX. This invention sparked all video games to come. Only 3 of these exist, and it is our honor and pleasure to bring you the chance to see it live, and also have the chance to play it in an amazing and informative panel. The Brown Box will be presented by none other than world renowned video game historian, author, and great friend of Baer’s, Michael Thomason. If you were at our very first LIL-CON you may have met Michael, he was our guest at the first LIL-CON from being not only a historian, but also he is The Guiness Book Of World Record’s holder of biggest video game collection. Be sure to check out the Brown Box and have a hands on experience is one of a kind, and a rare treat for all gamers as we bring you, a part of incredible gaming history.

If you had the opportunity to experience LIL-CON #1, you most certainly  would have met Michael Thomason. Michael is back as our guest presenting The Brown Box, however not only is Michael a presenter, he is also a world renowned video game historian who has dedicated his life to preserving our be loved video games, not only just documenting them, but teaching about the history and more through books he has written, as well a programmer as well. Michael on top of that is also worldly known for being the Guiness Book of World records holder for  largest video game collection. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Michael and see his panel all about The Brown Box.