The First Video Game Prototype EVER MADE.

In 1966 Ralph Baer created the first ever video game console prototype known as THE BROWN BOX. This invention sparked all video games to come. Only 3 of these exist, and it is our honor and pleasure to bring you the chance to see it live, and also have the chance to play it in an amazing and informative panel. The Brown Box will be presented by none other than world renowned video game historian, author, and great friend of Baer’s, Michael Thomason. If you were at our very first LIL-CON you may have met Michael, he was our guest at the first LIL-CON from being not only a historian, but also he is The Guiness Book Of World Record’s holder of biggest video game collection. Be sure to check out the Brown Box and have a hands on experience is one of a kind, and a rare treat for all gamers as we bring you, a part of incredible gaming history.

Video Game Publisher, Developer, and Published Author

If you had the opportunity to experience LIL-CON #1, you most certainly  would have met Michael Thomason. Michael is back as our guest presenting The Brown Box, however not only is Michael a presenter, he is also a world renowned video game historian who has dedicated his life to preserving our be loved video games, not only just documenting them, but teaching about the history and more through books he has written, as well a programmer as well. Michael on top of that is also worldly known for being the Guiness Book of World records holder for  largest video game collection. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Michael and see his panel all about The Brown Box.

Musician / Video Game Designer + Bard Game Designer / Artist

Musician/Video Game & Tabletop game designer Mark Miller, aka EMCEE M.D. is specialty guesting at LIL-CON 5.  If you’re not familiar, with EMCEE M.D. he is a national touring musician, currently slaying the hip hop scene with his versatile style and Nintendo Power Glove. Not only is he a musician but he is a video game designer and tabletop / board game designer, heading a company called Ichiban Games out of the Buffalo NY area. At 3PM, don’t miss some cool fun jams with EMCEE M.D.’s unique style of nerdy hip hop about video games, superheroes, and slices of life. with a stage show that’s always exciting, as well as interactive…. you might even get a raptor dino hat!  Also at 7PM he will be doing an in depth panel on vVideo Game Design as well as share ways to start in the field of game design. This is definitely a panel to check out for any enthusiast looking to get into the field.

Cosplaying for charity and awareness for bettering te community.

The great people of Western New York Superheroes And Cosplay will be at LIL-CON 5. If you are not familiar with Western New York Superheroes And Cosplay, they are a group of great individuals who dedicate their time raising money for charity, many of which are for children in hospitals, group homes, and other charitable causes. They are dedicated to help bring smiles to their faces to help them deal with daily challenges they face, as well as bring public awareness. 100% of all donations are given to each charity. If you would like to donate to their cause, don’t hesitate to ask. Check out their web page at:

Western NY’s premier wrestling entertainment group.

Nickle City Wrestling and it’s awesome wrestlers will be in full force at LIL-CON #5. if you are not familiar with NCW they bring a high energy show with fantastic local talent as well as strong legendary faces of wrestling such as Jimmy hart, Sandman, Al Snow, and more! They will be hanging out and signing autographs and taking pictures so stop by and say hello.

Preservint all wildlife especially reptiles and other creatures

Making our event SLYTHERIN a possibility, the amazing WNY HERP society led by Petra Link, is going to be at LIL-CON in full force. The WNY HERP Society is a club that educated and preserves reptiles amphibians, and other sorts of animals, and has a wide array of pet owners of these amazing creatures. Please don’t forget to check out our SLYTHERIN event which will be in the discovery room, and also stop by their booth. They will be at LIL-CON from Noon to around 3:30 PM. You can also help and donate to the cause of The WNY HERP Society by donating to them, which helps in the rescue and rehabilitation and also helping in resources for the animals to live and prosper.

Buffalo NY’s community non-Profit space for all game creators of all kinds.

Buffalo game space is a non-profit organization helping those who are inspired to make games, hone their skills and make them a reality creating video games and table top games. Many of the Buffalo Game space members will be at LIL-CON showcasing some of the many video games made from at the facility. Play indie games of all genres with Shoot Em Ups, Action Platformers, RPGs, Puzzle games, and more! Meet the artists, musicians, coding, and other developers who make these games who are ordinary people just like you, who knows, you might just sign up to join and start making games yourself. Want more info? Check out the Buffalo Game Space’s web page for more info about them Who knows, you might even find yourself doing a game jam and becoming a game maker yourself!

Blacksmith forging steel to his will.

In out outdoors area, WE HAVE A BLACKSMITH! Our Blacksmith Colin will be forging weapons from real steel, which you can see and learn about the craft as he demonstrates how it’s done. Colin is also a trained and experienced Jouster who has participated all across the nation in reenactments and events everywhere. You can even buy some of the wares he crafts there! Time to fire up the smithy!