Attending Game Designers

We will have a full list of attending Game Designers of all kinds. You will be able to meet and talk to these Game Designers, as well as play their new upcoming games for playtesting.

We are always looking for more game designers so feel free to reach out to us!

Board Game Designers that will be attending LIL-Con 6:

Mark Miller of Ichiban Games


Peacock Block – Peacock Block is a 3 to 5 player “Take That!” card game with  3 ways to win. Players take on the roll of Peacocks at a rager of a party all trying to score the attraction of the peahen by flirting, growing tail feathers, or presenting The Ring. however it won’t be easy players on their turn can block players, pluck tail feathers, and cause all sorts of shenanigans. So now the real question is, are you a Cold Turkey or a Burnin’ Hunk Of Bird?!

Santa’s Toybox – This Christmas themed game is not to be taken lightly. Santa’s Toybox is a 3 round  drafting set collection game where each round has 7 phases that plays 3 to 6 players.  Players lay down potential points of Coal Cards and Toy Cards, then commence to an event phase where they can effect tablues or gain more points. The final phases allow players the strategy of risk/reward by burning their coal for end game points, and giving up their toy stash to move along a race styled track. Turn order matters in this strategic point salad styled game, where giving is good, but winning is better!

Alchemazam!: The Grand Arcanum – This collectable card game is puts players in competition for a seat at the table of the Grand Order Of Arcanum. Players will gain resources or upgrade them each turn all the while using and spending them to summon creatures and cast spells in any which way to defeat their opponent. Alchemazam can be played in a multitude of different formats but is generally played as 1 player vs. 1 player, however it also can be played in teams, free for all, and other various tournament styles, especially draft tournaments. Event card is unique, each having a different styled power making common cards just as useful as an ultra rare for all different strategies making for an incredible experience in a unique twist in CCG styled games.


Cannon Custodian – Cannon Custodian is a retro styled arcade game of skill and hi-scores. You’re Ted, Area 51’s newest resident janitor that just so happens to get stuck in an interdenominational jail, mistaken for an era 1981 arcade machine. With an enormous cannon car, blast your way through waves of escaped convicts and their kingpins, all the while defending your energy pods; the key to your escape…and theirs! Grab massive power ups to eradicate everything that moves, and reach the bio-dome to get the power cell needed to repair the entry portal. So ready those thumbs and get to lock and load, because it’s time to blast some filth!


Jason Gough of Casual Dragon Games


Island Dice – In Island Dice, players carefully select combinations from a variety of custom dice to implement strategies in order to bring peace to the island. This can be achieved in one of two ways: First you can protect all 4 of the native bases simultaneously, bringing peace to the island OR you can wipe out all of your opponents and when there’s no one else left to fight, you have brought peace to the island, and you win.

Zombie Sheep – Zombie Sheep is a card game for 2 – 4 players where each player represents a group that find zombie sheep desirable in their own ways:

Sheep Herders – Sheep are their lives and undead wool must be valuable.
Animal Lovers – They have a love of all animals and an undead sheep is quite unique.
Zombie Fanatics – This group is simply a fan of all zombies but a sheep zombie now that is different.
Mad Scientist – The strange and unknown must be “studied”.

Each of these groups race to capture 5 points worth of zombie sheep. Zombie Sheep has 13  sheep that are each a parody tribute to horror or zombieism. The players will play cards to try  and catch sheep while preventing others from doing the same.

BRYGs – BRYGs is a pirate themed abstract game. Players will each have a secret objective. Taking turns, players will draw pieces out of a draw bag. They will strategically place those pieces onto the playing board trying to capture six of their secret objective pieces to win.

Monster Melee – is a “Meta” game of up to 30 players. In Monster Melee, each player will assume the role of one of the following: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, or Alien.

Lords of Spell and Stone – This worker placement styled game plays 2 to 4 players where players will place workers using gems to buy what they need to build their castle, cast spells, and gain stature of their abilities. Stone to build walls, and herbs to cast spells, with money being being a scarcity, makes this game a strong tight, worker placement game.



Fat Stacks – Fat Stacks is a 3 to 6 player game where  you and your friends compete to build the tallest and tastiest pancake stack! Use classic pancake flavors and toppings, as well as some special ingredients other chefs wouldn’t dare to use! Players create stacks of pancakes by playing Pancake and Topping cards from their hand. Players can place positive cards on their own stacks, and play negative cards to sabotage other players’ stacks. This game is recently funded on Kickstarter, check it out and jump in the awesome tournament for it!


Skeptics – Created by Usiak Games and Designs. The awesome game of exploring haunted areas Skeptics will be doing lots of playtesting at LIL-CON. Skeptics is a cooperative exploration game where teams explore haunted areas  trying to capture ghosts. Players use their actions and roll dice to complete objectives before the clock chimes. This awesome game will be soon going on kickstarter soon!



Swords Mark The Spot – This awesome RPG created by Luminous Wold Games is all about exploring the lands finding the secrets of the past, and locating them through the tomes and beacons that beckon them. Advance your skills, collect weaponry, and battle against fearsome creatures who try to thwart your quest!