Adventures League

Returning to LIL-CON, we will have Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition brought to you by the awesome D&D ADVENTURES LEAGUE!


??UB-Con –  UBCon XXVII will be hosted from April  2018.
UBCon is a tradition started 26 years ago by UB SARPA to have tons of fun
playing role-playing and table-top games of all sorts. Since then it has
expanded to include any other interests, including Comic Books, Anime, Web Comics, TV Shows, Dagorhir, Artists of every sort and more. It occurs every spring around early-April.

Queen City Conquest – September 2018.  Buffalo’s very own Gaming Convention.
We welcome all types of gaming, including Role Playing Games, War Games,
Board Games, Collectible Card Games, Video Games, and more.