6-27-2020 – Hi everyone! Today was suppose to be LIL-CON #7. It’s a bummer that we have had to deal with Covid-19, but do not fret, in future days we will all bounce back and things will be great. With that being said, keep watch for the future for LIL-CON and other events such as Playtest Playfest and other cool events that we throw.


3-24-2020 – Hey everyone,

Due to the situation of Covid-19, I am sad to say LIL-CON will be postponed until the time is right to once again start making things happen.

I need to first say that I’m not a doctor or nurse. I do however have information from those who are, and are treating the Covid-19 situation. Take this info any which way you wish, but know that I feel my sources are very credible, and know that this is why I have not acted on finally closing out things until now. I needed to make sure I got the whole story from those who see it, deal with it, and understand it.

With this being said, I am as stated postponing all events I have until it is safe, and people financially are willing and able to want to feel secure enough to indulge in LIL-CON, concert events, and other social happenings that I put on. I was informed that in 2 months (most likely) is when this area will most likely hit its peak. Covid-19 will be around for a while, possibly until August, maybe later.

What this means is that it is not healthy for me to throw a convention, even after the Covid-19 plague is gone, until people have time to recoup money. I can not properly promote events or give good execution of events.

In the meantime, the best thing everyone can do is be safe, be smart, be aware, and keep practicing good hygiene. Don’t fear, but be safe. The best thing to do is be productive, be proactive, and think smart about what to do now.

With this all being said, I do find opportunity within all this, and I’m going to get many things moving. Right now the fullest concentration is on my game Peacock Block that’s on Kickstarter. I will keep everyone informed more on many things to come, including events and idea that will soon form, which will happen in the very near future.

Be good, be smart, and wash them hands.

Mark Miller
Convention Director


2-21-2020 – We have panels and more cool things popping up so keep watch. LOTS shall be flowing soon! Many game designers to be added to our guest section soon as well!

2-20-2020 – Greetings travelers! We’re going to have a bunch of announcements coming soon. One coming up this Friday so stay tuned!!!

1-11-20120 – HELLO EVERYONE! We have our official flyer up and we’re full steam ahead for the convention…because TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!! Keep watch where we will soon have a ton of cool things happening with a LOT of info coming soon on games, tournaments, guests, panels, events, and more!

12 – 26 -2019 – Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays to all! A special present from us to you! We are announcing our 7th year of wonder of our awesome little convention!!! SATURDAY AND SUNDAY JUNE 27 AND 28, 2020! With that being said, we have much to do! We will be announcing lots of of cool things. The biggest thing to note is… ALL of our Forms are open including our VENDORS/ARTIST APPLICATION!!! Get ready for some cool announcements and much more awesomeness to come!!!


9-30-2019 – LIL-CON is over but the press is strong. We were on the news again and it was a great bunch of visuals. This was show from Saturday.

Thanks to all who came once again 🙂

6th Annual Lil Con


October 19 = EMCEE M.D. concert at Milkie’s On Elmwood – Buffalo NY – FREE – 21+
October 27 = Open gaming potluck -Casual Dragon Games
February 1, 2019 = PLAYTEST PLAYFEST 3


9-27-2019 – 1 more day until the convention! So much going on. This is definitely going to be a monumental year for us! Come on in and have a blast!

9-27-2019 – It is unfortunate to say but our guests Jonathan & Lola Myers will not be able to make it to LIL-CON due to transportation issues. They are very sorry to all the fans of the con who were looking to see them. With this being said the panel at 5PM is unable to occur. We will have Jonathan and Lola back in the area at another event in the near future where everyone can meet them. They want to know that everyone is loved and appreciated, and absolutely will be working more in the future with us.
HOWEVER. A spot of some good news. Professional Wrestler Kurt Beyer the son of legendary wrestler Dick Beyer will be attending LIL-CON and helping with the Legacy Panel of The Destroyer. Kurt is an international wrestling star who has followed in his fathers footsteps, wrestling in Japan and other countries. Have a chance to meet him at the convention on Sunday

9-23-2019 – ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY!!! A few last minute tournaments and we’re putting up the schedule and maps! Keep watch for more awesome things and get ready for the convention!!

9-3-2019 – Hello there everyone! We are very happy to announce that ALL the pre-registrations for all events that  you can pre-register for are up and running! Check out the site for more details. All the events are ready to go but we do have a few more on the way. We will have a schedule that is easy to read on the scheduling page very soon. More to come and remember…GET THOSE TICKETS FOR BOTH DAYS NOW! 🙂

8-28-2019 – WE ARE OFFICIALLY 1 MONTH AWAY FROM LIL-CON! All the events for the Event Room and the Discover y Room are set and ready! YES! We also have all our main tournaments ready to roll! Always remember we are happy to host more events if you have them and we can put them in. There’s a lot of game designers still submitting games and a lot of people submitting cool game events. Also remember we can always host an event on the outer grounds area and more. We’re always here for you! We will be updating this page a little bit more for intricacies of tournaments and etc. More great things to come!

8-14-2019 – Check it out! A lot more tournaments and events added! All the information for the D&D campaigns are up including the epic. We will have updated (and better) sign ins. Check out all the new tournaments as well as the cool new events. LOTS of cool things happening! Get your tickets ASAP!

8-2-2019 – We’re getting closer to the date and LOOK AT ALL THE COOL CONTENT WE UPDATED!!! Soooo many new things. We have a LOT more too, get ready for some more awesome tournaments and panels, and loads of other interesting stuff happening. This will be 1 awesome year…and 2 DAYS! Get your tickets now and 2 day passes ASAP!

7-26-2019 – Things are starting to pick up where we have LOTS of events being announced. Keep watch. Panels being announced each weekend as well as contests and tournaments as well!!!

6/23/2019 – More being announced! Today we would like to announce our special guest ROC Game Dev, who you can meet and play all the games of the community in our Arcade Area! More to come very soon!

6/7/2019 – SO MANY AWESOME THINGS ARE GOING ON. Check out all the cool guests and get ready for a TON of events going on There’s going to be a LOT upcoming so keep watch. SUPER excited. We announced our awesome guests Jonathan and Lola Myers who are incredible artists for Marvel, Disney, various tabletop games, and more! Tiffany Grant our incredible voice actress is extremely excited to come and lots more surprises are in store!

5/6/2019 – We are happy to announce an AMAZING event…. DRAGONS OF THE WORLD!!! Brought to you by the wonderful folks at  CRAZY GENTLE CREATURES, you can see and touch LIVE real dragons of our earth. These fantastic lizards will warm your heart, and you can ask all kinds of Q&A. Check out the event section for more!

4/20/2019 – ARTEMIS RETURNS! Artemis, the space bridge simulator experience like no other, is returning once again to LIL-CON. You will take on the role as either the Weapons stations, communication stations, Engineer, Captain and other positions in this epic immersive experience with fellow gamers. Encounter hostile Alien ships, dodge mine fields and black holes, protect colonies. Get ready to Warp Speed ahead into this amazing game!

3/6/2019 – LIL-CON #6 is LOCKED AND LOADED!!! We are officially able to tell all on the great things of this year’s convention. First off we will be at our location of Sikora Post as per usual, however…. WE ARE GOING TO BE 2 DAYS OF FANDOM AWESOMENESS!!! Not only that but we have an AMAZING guest Tiffany Grant! The legendary voice actor is coming to our quaint little convention, and we couldn’t be happier. GET READY FOR BIG THINGS TO HAPPEN!!