LIL-CON NEWS 5/5/2018 – We have an AMAZINGLY FUN interactive panel entitled WHAT’S YOUR QUIRK? MY HERO ACADEMIA SHOWDOWN! If you are a fan cosplay dating game panel events, you will adore this! Check it out! More awesome fun events coming soon!



That’s right! The first 150 people that  come through the door get a free comic book!   We also have an AWESOME tournament. The up and coming game company ICHIBAN GAMES is throwing a tournament for the game Peacock Block, which has been growing in immense popularity. Easy to lay, and no prior skills needed. Always free, and prizes to get!!! More events to be announced coming up soon!

LIL-CON NEWS – 5/3/2018 – LIL-CON’s vendor / artist sign ups have closed. We appreciate ALL the applicants. The selection process will be very soon. We are focusing on many things to come and just doing everything we can to make the best con experience possible, so keep your eyes peeled for more great things this week being announced!

LIL-CON NEWS – 4/16/2018 – We have many events upcoming that we will be announcing, one of them just announced is our 25 Years Of Sailor Moon Celebration!  Also we are extending our submissions for our vendors and artists until this Wednesday  April 30th. This will help us finalize a few things we need done prior to getting everything we need done for selection. Be sure to sign up if you haven’t!

LIL-CON NEWS – 4/16/2018 – Lots of great announcements! We have another guest which is Triple A Game designer Joe Wilson who has done work on games such as God Of War, Skyrim, Minecraft, Quake 3, and more! Not only that but we have LOTS of tournaments and contests being announced. We have announced a huge draft tournament for Magic The Gathering, plus announced our N64 Goldeneye Tournament. We will be announcing many things every week and maybe some during the week too! Check out all the sections for more info!

LIL-CON NEWS – 3/12/2018 – Announcements galore!!! Ladies and gentlemen we want to welcome you to the new LIL-CON web page! We are slowly more making this site day by day it’s fullest potential. With that being said we have many announcements to give of guests and etc.

First things first, we would like to announce our first major event for our Discovery Room entitled SLYTHERIN, which is a LIVE snake exhibit brought to you by us here at LIL-CON and the amazing WNY HERP SOCIETY who helps in the rescuing, rehabilitating, and preserving of reptiles, An amazing chance for photo opportunities, especially with the large ones! The WNY HERP Society will be accepting donations for their cause of helping, rescuing, and preserving these great animals.

Next, returning back to LIL-CON is DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ADVENTURES LEAGUE! Seasoned players and new ones alike can share epic adventures and formidable quests for treasures and glory, while facing fearsome creatures and alluring allies, guided by some of the most amazing DMs in the area. Don’t have a character, no problem, we can make sure you have one. Fun times await, so venture forth!
Also returning back to LIL-CON is BUFFALO GAME SPACE! The co-op working space that is bring the world of gaming to life, supplying resources, and great environment to making video games, tabletop games, and more, is coming back to showcase many of the upcoming games from members, making video games right here in Western NY. Check out some of the published and also in development games where you can also even meet and talk with the creators!

We have a special treat for you as well, o the out side area of the facility we will have SIR COLIN THE BLACKSMITH. Colin is not only a Blacksmith but a professional jouster from national touring circuits of medieval reenactments. He will bring his forge and be making blades showing the greatness of his craft, and tempering of steel. Stop in, say hello, and buy a blade for yourself, customized for you.


LIL-CON NEWS – 12/16/2017

Great news! we have announced our first guest of LIL-CON #5… AND IT’S HUGE ONE!
We present to you, THE BROWN BOX…the very first video game console EVER MADE! There are only 3 in existence. You will be able to touch it, play it, and see a major part of gaming history…the one that started it all. Presenting the Brown Box will be world renowned video game historian, author, and programmer, Michael Thomasson! Micheal will be presenting the Brown Box in a panel for all to see. Be sure to say hello to him. And in case you want to talk more gaming with him, he is also the Guiness Book of World Record’s holder for biggest video game collection!  More guests and announcement to come! Stay tuned and get ready for an amazing con!

LIL-CON NEWS – 12/16/2017
Hello there con-goers!
Welcome to the new look of the LIL-CON web page!  You might notice as well some interesting characters on the side of the page itself. Those characters are our fantastic new mascots of our convention!  The dice has always been our mascot, but we’ve decided to give that lonely dice some cool new friends.

Aside from all that, we have been working hard ever since  a few
weeks after the last LIL-CON. We have much announcements to announce, which will be happening in the new days ahead.

So with that being said, until next time, and don’t forget to grab your tickets and pre-register now for LIL-CON #5!